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Music - Tracks from the forthcoming album "Beside myself"

"Beside myself" - Download the "Beside myself" album prior to completion for $12 (that's 6 quid) - get all current tracks - all the new ones when they become available and a special FREE GIFT from us to say thanks!  

Streaming audio clips are hosted by and will launch in a new window to play through their own player.  You should not need any other software to play the clips.  Enjoy.


These tracks are available for mp3 download (play them on your iPod or other mp3 player)  using micro-payments through Bitpass, an easy way to make weeeeeny purchases online.  Check out BitPass FAQ's for more information on how it works. 


Why are the prices in $?  well because Bitpass don't work in £'s yet.  Each track is $1.25 to download, which is approx 65p (depending on the exchange rate).  All proceeds are going into making the rest of the album so pleeeeasse buy to download :o)


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Dad X Listen     Download mp3
My Regiment X Listen     Download mp3
No one X Listen     Download mp3
Can't make you love me X Listen     Download mp3
Strange Place X Listen     Download mp3
We are the same X Listen     Download mp3
How am I to? X Listen     Download mp3