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News     We're in "Music Week" THIS WEEK!!!! Get yourself a copy!!!

"Dad" hits the No.1 spot!  


Yes, "Dad" is currently number 1 in the user charts on  Woohoo!  Things like this all go to help us get noticed - so a huge thanks for those of you that voted us a 10/10.

Recurl to feature on Music Week compilation CD


"My Regiment" will be featured on a compilation CD, which will be on the cover of "Music Week" THIS WEEK!!!!!


Fingers crossed everyone - Music week hits the desk of all the music industry bods.  We are thrilled about the promotional value of this for Recurl.

Recurl tracks are available to download online.


So as we are working on the rest of the album (songs all written - just got to get in the studio now) You can now make online downloads of the tracks and the album as an alternative to CDs, although we will still be producing the album for CD release upon completion.  Visit the music page for more info.

Radio 2 songwriter's workshop


After submitting "Can't make you love me" to the "search for a song" radio 2 competition, I've been invited to attend a songwriter's workshop.  Hopefully this will be a good opportunity for a bit of Recurl promotion :o)

Help us fund the rest of our album by visiting a sponsor's site: (doesn't cost you a penny)